Saturday, February 13, 2010

Designer Danielle.Cicero

This week I decided to highlight a designer that has inspired me regarding fashion and life. Danielle Cicero (maiden name Martin) was born in Hartford, CT and currently resides in Hartford, CT with her husband (Marcus Cicero) and daughter (Natliya Cicero).
At a young age Danielle began recreating catalogs that her mother would receive in the mail, she later began her own designs and in high school she was apart of fashion shows given by the school's sewing courses. After high school Danielle moved to Long Beach California where she went to school (where she received her degree in fashion design from Brooks College). Danielle states Byron Lars as a inspiration for her fashion design.
Danielle is always innovative and using various mediums to inspire her. For example, an earlier collection was inspired by the late singer Aaliyah in which she combined Asian inspirations to create a unique, hip and sexy look. Soon after she moved back to the East and began working for Jordache, A.B.S and a slew of designers. Danielle is currently a freelance designer.
These current looks being featured are from Danielle's casual formal/bridal wear line. Danielle's rich fabric selection, attention to detail and overall comfort (I should know I wore them) ensures any woman can feel beautiful on that special occasion.
Designs: Danielle.Cicero
Styling: Danielle.Cicero and Kecia Holden
Makeup: Kecia Holden
Photography: Danielle Cicero
Set styling: Natalie Parham
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