Saturday, February 13, 2010

Designer Danielle.Cicero

This week I decided to highlight a designer that has inspired me regarding fashion and life. Danielle Cicero (maiden name Martin) was born in Hartford, CT and currently resides in Hartford, CT with her husband (Marcus Cicero) and daughter (Natliya Cicero).
At a young age Danielle began recreating catalogs that her mother would receive in the mail, she later began her own designs and in high school she was apart of fashion shows given by the school's sewing courses. After high school Danielle moved to Long Beach California where she went to school (where she received her degree in fashion design from Brooks College). Danielle states Byron Lars as a inspiration for her fashion design.
Danielle is always innovative and using various mediums to inspire her. For example, an earlier collection was inspired by the late singer Aaliyah in which she combined Asian inspirations to create a unique, hip and sexy look. Soon after she moved back to the East and began working for Jordache, A.B.S and a slew of designers. Danielle is currently a freelance designer.
These current looks being featured are from Danielle's casual formal/bridal wear line. Danielle's rich fabric selection, attention to detail and overall comfort (I should know I wore them) ensures any woman can feel beautiful on that special occasion.
Designs: Danielle.Cicero
Styling: Danielle.Cicero and Kecia Holden
Makeup: Kecia Holden
Photography: Danielle Cicero
Set styling: Natalie Parham
For Danielle's blog:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question.

For a few years I've been obsessed with smokey eyes. Season after season I see designers, stylists etc. making a bold statement with this look. So for this installation I decided to venture into the smokey eye category. I bought a baked black eyeshadow from Sally Beauty Supply along with my Rimmel eye shadow set and decided to go to town one night.
My inspiration for this interpretation of the smokey eyes comes from 2 sources, 1) The Revlon ad featuring Jessica Biel and 2) The back album cover of Nancy Wilson's greatest hits album. I wanted to get the same dramatic beauty both of these women give. I believe Nancy Wilson has a similar skin color to mine, so I found it useful to see how they mixed the colors on her. The Jessica Biel campaign was great because I loved the mixture of the colors and how they placed a lighter yet rich color on top of the black.
The black shadow I used, as you see, has a shimmer to it. I liked the contrast of the purple to my skin and the rest of my face, I am becoming obsessed with blush!
How do you think I did, was it a major FAILURE or was it an accomplishment?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dress of dreams

This week I decided to post a dress that I love, I found it on I have heard about all of the legal issues Forever 21 is going through regarding their blatant plagiarism of designers clothing. Tsk tsk Forever 21, tsk tsk. However, I do admit that I love their stuff and their Twelve by Twelve line is great. The designers are in LA and put couture-esque flair on the looks. This week I discuss a dress I am in love with while looking through their website.

This is the "Contrast Ribbon Sweater Dress" under their French Revolution section; they are selling it for $29.00, I don't think it is being sold in every store but I will begin the hunt. I love this dress because the colors contrast so beautifully, it gives shape to someone like myself who is not curvy and lacks a bust. I like the length, since I consider my legs one of my best assets.

Overall, I designate this a "Pam dress" that needs to be in my wardrobe.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Handbag dream...

I have fallen in love with 2 bags by Marc Jacobs from his Marc line Fall/Winter 2009. The first is the Petal to the Metal Sasha Hobo Bag and the other is the Classic Q Hillier Hobo. These bags are amazing. Big beautiful and come in grape! Who wouldn't want these bags. So the Petal to the Metal is SOLD OUT, yes, SOLD OUT! It is ridiculous. I wanted that bag so much but alas there are non left, unless you want to be overcharged on Ebay. The Hillier Hobo is available so now I am saving in order to purchase it before that one is sold out also. The Hillier Hobo is shown in gray and the Petal to the Metal is shown in black.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Project

The initial intent of my blogging adventure rendered a large FAIL. However, I have decided to proceed with new ways to blog that I feel will make this a more enjoyable experience for all involved. After seeing a plethora of blogs that present one's daily look to bags, shoes and items of clothing that they have, want or need I have decided to create a hybrid of these blogging adventures. I begin by posting my look of the week. I wore it today.

I have on Michael by Michael Kors Carney boots ($150 at TJ Maxx), Forever 21 Skinny Jeans in gray ($12.90), H&M black sheer top (free from sister), Gap black spaghetti strap tank ($10), Have open front cardigan ($7.99 at Ross), Vintage necklace from Mom, small gold hoop earrings ($12.99 at Ross) and brown crystal ring inherited from Grandmother.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's Photosnoop

Here I am thrown into a wild and crazy party Holly Golightly has put on in her mid-town apartment in Manhattan. The party is bananas! There are a lot of big wigs so what do I do? Take lots of pictures of all the goings on! Enjoy!!

Purple Dress from Forever 21 ($24.00),Gold and Black New York Transit Heels ($14.00) purchased at Ross, Black Vintage Leather Gloves ($40.00), Silver engraved bangle ($35.00) and Vintage Clasping earrings ($50.00)

Silver Banana Republic Dress ($140.00), Payless Patent Leather Pumps ($19.99), Melissa May Blue and Green Head Band ($22.00), Forever 21 Bouquet Cluster Ring ($4.80), Black Vintage Leather Gloves ($40.00)and Vintage Clasping earrings ($50.00)

Forever 21 Creme and Black Dress ($24.00), Apostrophe Black Trench ($75.00), Apostrophe Red Peep Toe Heels ($45.00), Black Vintage Leather Gloves ($40.00)and Vintage Clasping earrings ($50.00)

Hawks Blue Ruffle Top from Urban Outfitters ($35.00), Forever 21 Creme and Black Linen Pencil Skirt ($22.00), Black Leather Kenneth Cole Reaction Kitten Heels ($75.00), Forever 21 Faux Gold Keychain Necklace ($4.80), Vintage Wooden Ball Necklace ($35.00), Black Vintage Leather Gloves ($40.00)and Vintage Clasping earrings ($50.00)

The party was insane, though the cops crashed the party, where did Holly go? But I did get enough pictures to make my editor smile! Til next time
Pamela Nicole

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Highs and Lows

So I haven't blogged in a while. Trying to accumulate excitement, it takes a couple weeks to find something to write about, go figure. Anyways life always has its highs and lows and there is usually nothing you can do but accept them. So today's blog is not about sad times for Pam but happy times. I am blessed, I am still hurting, as expected, from the loss of my Grandma however I feel like the way things turned for me worked in the best.
Let me explain: If you remember my earlier posts about the loss of my Grandma and how I decided to pursue an internship, well I am doing the internship. And I am learning a lot. There are 5 key things I am learning:
1. Aesthetic is different however the appreciation of the creation is what counts.
2. The non-glamorous side of fashion is much more rewarding when done in the right spirit.
3. Your passion for fashion is contagious and evident by the way you present yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually.
4. Having a point of view is important, it makes people know you care and are paying attention.
5. Be aware of the the environments you are entering be it, buying for a store, helping with a fashion show, or helping at a future photo shoot, be prepared to read people's moods to know what to say and when to say it.
Some of these are obvious but some are not. Fashion is about egos, aesthetic and power. Thinking it is just clothing is naive. The complexities of working in fashion excites me though. I love it, I love helping out and even cleaning up the wine some winner spilled because they are too drunk to hold their cup correctly. I feel that by doing the lowly work I will appreciate the higher up "glamorous" positions. So that is all for now. Till next time love you!